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Trends Autumn/Winter 2014


For autumn/winter 2014 Felina offers three extra colours for its existing ranges and a new NOS range - IMPULSE.

The new NOS range IMPULSE owes its feminine allure to allover lace in a stylised, slightly sheer, flame pattern. We source this full lace from Germany, which reflects Felina’s high quality standards.

Conturelle by Felina

With four fashion ranges, a new NOS range and extra colours for two existing ranges, Conturelle by Felina heads into autumn 2014. This season’s source of inspiration is the trend theme “All about the show”. This trend theme is all about artistically staged entertainment – it’s all about that magical moment.

Combining fine floral lace made in Germany with a functional knitted fabric or a consumer-friendly polka dot and mesh print combined with ornamental embroidery in contrast colours are only some impressions of this season.




[un: usual]

With [un: usual] you will find lingerie to suit any taste in the multi-faceted “Popcorn” theme collection for autumn/winter. An edgy mix of pattern and fabric combinations, quirky colours and contrasts.

SHAKE IT – The styles of this new NOS range want to be shaken and stirred like a colourful cocktail. A Hipster and thong pant in loud quirky colours, matching the fashion ranges of this collection. Glued edges create extremely flat seams, which make for perfect lingerie.