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Trends Spring/Summer 2015

Felina kicks off its anniversary year with an extra product for the PURE BALANCE range and an extra colour for the best-selling WEFTLOC range plus two new NOS ranges.
The new NOS range BLOSSOM feels incomparably soft and natural on the skin, thanks to a high cotton content and it has a lavish rose embroidery. A major part of the fabrics used are “made in Germany” underlining the high quality of the garments.

Conturelle by Felina
Sophisticated, seductive and crafted with great love of detail – that’s a fitting description of the new Conturelle by Felina collection. This season the trend topic “Urban Jungle” is the source of inspiration. With four fashion ranges, a new NOS range in the Perfect Feeling segment and an extra colour for the ETERNITY range Conturelle by Felina kicks off its anniversary year 2015.
From SOHO to CHELSEA via 5th AVENUE. This trend topic breathes the atmosphere of New York. An urban environment meets cultural diversity. Islands of green surrounded by skyscrapers, a breath of wilderness in the urban jungle. Consumer-oriented Paisley prints, floral embroideries and expressive colours like Oriental Turquoise or Flamingo just to name a few highlights of the vivid collection.



 [un: usual]
With five new fashion ranges plus extra products and colours for the existing NOS ranges [un: usual] kicks off the spring/summer season. The consumer will find lingerie to suit any taste in the multi-faceted product range of the cocktail-themed collection. This anniversary year is a time to celebrate with a fresh mix of patterns and fabrics, as well as summery colours and contrast accents.
BABY LOVE – oh, Baby Love… the name says it all. Playful stripes combined with delicate lace will excite the romantically inclined. Quirky menthol infuses the garments with a summery kick. As a sweet highlight, the bras are adorned with a retro clock face.